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Staying Or Becoming Fit and Healthy – What to Do With All the Conflicting Advice

To be fit and healthy is the best we can wish for ourselves.Having our family physician tell us to be careful crossing the road, as otherwise we might well live forever, would really make our day, would it not? What can we do, then, to put ourselves into this fortunate position? And how do we deal with all the conflicting advice out there?We can choose to live a fit and healthy life style.I suppose we all agree that means eating nutritious food, equally chosen from the four food groups as taught to us in grammar school already.

In addition to that, also instilled in grammar school, we would live an active lifestyle. We would walk, run, play, swim, bike, skip rope – anything that will drive our heart rate up.What if our body mass index tells us that we carry a little too much fat and not quite enough lean muscle?There is so much information, as anyone who has ever stood in line at a check out and looked at the magazine headlines can attest to. Most of the information about weight loss is only hype bordering on false advertising. As with all hype, you know the saying, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.’In fact 95 % of all diets fail.That means only 5 % of dieters succeed not only in their weight loss program but also in keeping the extra weight off. If someone could actually teach you, would it not be wonderful to learn the steps necessary to be in that remaining 5 %?

We’ve all heard of diets that play havoc with our metabolism.What if you could save your metabolism? What if someone could teach you how to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human furnace? Staying or becoming fit and healthy hinges around seeking and following credible advice.